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"When your world comes crashing down, you have a chance to do something you couldn’t have done before: rise up." - Jennifer Williamson


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        Marine Custom Solutions is a brainchild of mine to assemble a conglomerate of the best marine specialists  have to offer and provide us the ability to continue our skills and knowledge to serve our customers with an unmatched attention to detail, quality, cost and customer service. 

        It was the morning of June 25th 2018 and we were getting ready to have a plant meeting about the potential outcome of the company sale that brunswick was trying to broker for over a year.

       Nearly 500 of us were gathered around the podium to hear the brand president give us the news we were all hoping for! it never came and to this day i still cannot recall anything said after the words "we are closing this facility down, effective immediately!"

         I was in my 15th year with searay, i started working there at 20 and had spent the better half of my life working with amazing people and learning so many talents, we were after all, a world renowned luxury yacht manufacturer.

       So what happened? many things...... this story is not about who and what went wrong. this is about the 500 employees that in the time it takes to take a breath were effectively unemployed. Many would travel over 150 miles a day to have a job at searay.

       over the next couple weeks we came to terms with the news and slowly began to shut the facility down. employees were let go in waves and the facility was finally closed on oct 31st 2018.

       Marine Custom Solutions allows us to use our talents and the decades of experience to provide our direct customers with an unmatched level of service

       How can we use ouR talents to make your visions come true?

So who are we ?

        We are those people that get called in when the dealer is scratching their head and doesn't have the talent or know-how to get the job done.


       the people that can fully revamp and renovate your yacht,  we know the ins and outs of building them, so very little intimidates us. 

       We get those special requests and unique customer desires, demands and must haves and then engineer it into your yacht. 

        Let us be your get it done guys and always have the work look like it just came from the factory, anytime and anyplace!

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